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Using saffier is extremely simple and easy to do but there are some steps you might want to take into consideration like connections and what it can happen if this is not done properly.

Saffier is on SQLAlechemy core but is an async version of it and therefore what happens if you want to use it within your favourite frameworks like Esmerald, Starlette or even FastAPI?

Well, Saffier is framework agnostic so it will fit in any framework you want, even in those that are not listed above that support lifecycle events.

Lifecycle events

These are very common amongst those frameworks that are based on Starlette, like Esmerald or FastAPI but other might have a similar approach but using different approaches.

The common lifecycle events are the following:

  • on_startup
  • on_shutdown
  • lifespan

This document will focus on the two more commonly used, on_startup and on_shutdown.

Hooking your database connection into your application

Hooking a connection is as easy as putting them inside those events in your framework.

For this example, since the author is the same as the one of Esmerald, we will be using it for explanatory purposes, feel free to apply the same principle in your favourite framework.

from esmerald import Esmerald

from saffier import Database, Registry

database = Database("sqlite:///db.sqlite")
models = Registry(database=database)

app = Esmerald(

And that is pretty much this. Once the connection is hooked into your application lifecycle you won't have error like AssertationError: DatabaseBackend is not running.

You are now free to use the ORM anywhere in your application.


Check the tips and tricks and learn how to make your connections even cleaner.